Mie Purse

That’s why all FERNWORKS products can be personalised, just the way you want.
We encourage creativity, and love seeing people making our products even more beautiful.
We love selling at local markets means we get to see just how much fun people have with our products.

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  • Black

    Black Mie Purse

  • Cherry

    Cherry Mie Purse

  • Egg Shell

    Egg Shell Mie Purse

  • Gold

    Gold Mie Purse

  • Maroon

    Maroon Mie Purse

  • Mint

    Mint Mie Purse

  • Pink Flamingo

    Pink Flamingo Mie Purse

  • Rosegold

    Rosegold Mie Purse

  • Silver

    Silver Mie Purse