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Gold Grande Purse



Designed to make everyday feel special, this elegant purse has everything you need at your fingertips.

– Two compartments inside

– Modern style purse with gold button

– Vegan friendly with Embossed finish – eg. luxury feel

– Fit your phone, cash, coins, passport, cards. etc.

– Make sure this purse is like no other (emboss your name, initials or any word on the tag, up to 9 characters)

Size: H 10cm – L 19cm


5 in stock

Choose the colour of your name tag

Maximum of 9 Letters. All letter A-Z only and will be capitals.

Choose 1 charm (Additional $2.50)

Of name tag and charms

Choose the colour of the text

Maximum of 6 Letters. All letter A-Z, dot (.) only and will be capitals.

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